Raven Petal Dust

$ 4.00

From Kit Two:  this is the blackest black out there.  Perfect for dusting or mixing into sugar mediums, but NOT to paint with.  The chemical makeup of this black will not let it absorb water.   This petal dust is 3.5 g with the highly desired screw top lid.  The color is custom mixed for Ruth!  The color is FDA Food Approved and Kosher, safe to use to color fondant, gumpaste, royal icing, buttercream and all edible mediums.  While I tried to capture the beauty of the color, the photo and your monitor may not match the color of the actual dust.  The picture of the dust uses Ruth's personal kit for the photo, so the jars are not full in the picture.  You will receive the full weight amount - don't be worried!

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