Milk & Cookies Fudge

$ 16.00

If you follow Ruth on Facebook or Instagram, you know she has the most decadent fudge recipes.  Now you can let her do the hard work for you!  Ruth bakes up some chocolate chip cookies, then crumbles and freezes the pieces.  She whips up a light white chocolate fudge and folds in the cold cookie pieces and tops it with mini chocolate chips.  It really reminds her of a glass of milk and some chocolate chip cookies!

These sweets will be available for PICKUP ONLY on the designated days.  Select your date and quantity.  You will pickup from Ruth's home:  5229 NW 111th Terrace, in Bluff Creek in Oklahoma City, OK.  

If you need your sweets at a different time than those listed, please message Ruth at first to see if she can accommodate your order.